Online Puja Booking Guide

We are extremely delighted to be a part of your spiritual journey and are committed to providing you with a seamless and meaningful Puja experience. Here is the process that we will follow after you have booked a Puja with us:

Confirmation Call: Once you have completed the booking process, our dedicated representative will reach out to you via phone to confirm your birth details. This step is crucial as it helps us in scheduling your Puja on an auspicious date and time that aligns with your Birth Chart or Kundali. Rest assured, our Astrologers will carefully analyze your birth information to ensure the most favorable planetary positions for your Puja.

Puja Details and Sankalp (Oath) Information: After the confirmation of your birth details, we will send you an email/whatsapp message containing all the relevant Puja details. Additionally, in the same email/message, we will request you to share your Sankalp (Oath) details. These details will include essential information such as your full name, your parents' names, your Gotra or caste, your address, and any specific prayers or wishes you would like to include in the Puja. Your Sankalp is a sacred commitment and helps the pandits perform the Puja with utmost dedication on your behalf.

Suggestions for Better Effects: To further enhance the positive effects of the Puja, we will provide you with some personalized suggestions. These may include certain rituals, practices, or lifestyle changes that can amplify the spiritual impact of the ceremony. Our aim is to ensure that you experience the maximum benefits and positive energies from the Puja.

Sharing Of Images After Puja: Once the Puja is successfully performed, we will share the divine experience with you. You will receive images of the Puja ceremony on your registered email address/whatsapp number. These visuals will not only allow you to witness the Puja but also serve as cherished memories of the auspicious event.

At Anytime Astro, we ensure offering authentic Puja services performed by experienced Pandits who are well-versed in Vedic traditions. Our mission is to bring prosperity, harmony, and spiritual growth into the lives of our valuable clients.

If you have any questions or need assistance at any stage, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We are always here to support you!

Thank you once again for choosing Anytime Astro Online Puja. May God’s blessing shower upon you and your loved ones!